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Missing Link In Mother Nature, b~b~bb Structure—The Back Story

On my other blog (bwinwnbwi), I discovered an untitled post (see below). That post was part of the prospectus that I wrote to describe/justify my M.A. Thesis: Prejudice: Empirical Data Beckoning Toward A Theory Of Self, Ambivalence, And Tolerance. My … Continue reading

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Self—Continual Assimilation Of Structures Restructuring

Piaget’s Self Is Located In The Interdependence Of The Activity Of Content/Form—Reciprocal Movement The locus of the “constructionist self ” is called by Piaget the center of functional activity. The center of functional activity is not, according to Piaget, located … Continue reading

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Structure Constitutes More Than Its Elements

Structure’s Boundary Conditions—Wholeness, Transformation, Self-Regulation Piaget began his inquiries into structuralism by first isolating what was common to all structuralist thought. Number one on his list was the “affirmative ideal”; that is, the ideal of intelligibility aspired after by all … Continue reading

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Search For The Hidden Code At The Heart Of Language, Myth, Literature, History

The Diachronic Axis Of Language The concept of “irreducibility” is a universal concern of all structuralist thought. In Kant we witnessed his desire to identify the defining “universals” of all human experience. In Saussure this desire becomes fulfilled in his … Continue reading

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Structuralism Extracts Meaning From Phenomena

Conflicting Opinions Metaphorically speaking, it has been said that the structuralists have built incredible mansions for people to live in and, indeed, the mansions have been built and the lights are on, but, we might want to ask the question: … Continue reading

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Kant’s Categories—The Consequences

Structuralism And Kant’s Philosophy Continued The claim that one will’s, via Kant’s categories, knowledge of the universe is more than an arbitrary assessment by Fichte on Kant’s presupposed ego. The science of Einstein, Bohr, Schrodinger and Heisenberg has demonstrated the … Continue reading

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How Does Oneness Make Room For Otherness?

Can you please explain, in an uncomplicated way, what Structuralism is? It is very hard to give an easy answer to your question. A long time ago, I wrote a paper on structuralism where I began with: We must first … Continue reading

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