Some Very Friendly Christians

British Columbia, Canada
August, `73

I was tired of the tourist trip, the hippie trip, the hate haulie
trip, and my own trip. It was time to go to the mountains and clear my
head. I booked a flight out of Kauai bound for Vancouver, British
Colombia. I had never hitched across Canada before, so I thought this
would be a good time. I also wanted to explore the park above Glacier.
I passed through Waterton Lakes National Park last year, but I saw
only enough to make me want to return.

I booked my flight on Canadian Pacific Airways, but in San Francisco
they put me on a United plane bound for Seattle. That flight was
really nice. I had a good view of the coast. In Seattle, however,
another passenger had booked my Seattle to Vancouver seat, and since I
was flying on a United plane, the mistake was with my air carrier not
with United, so I was taken off the plane. Rather than go through the
red tape and delays of rescheduling (United was not helpful), I
decided to hitchhike to Vancouver.

I got good rides, and then Bill picked me up just before I arrived in
Vancouver. He had long blond hair, and he turned out to be a real nice
guy. He offered me a place to stay. I met his four brothers and
mother. They were very religious people. Bill’s religious convictions,
no doubt, had something to do with the hospitality that I had
received. As it turned out, Bill was going to a revival meeting that
night, and he wanted me to go with him. It was going to be held in a
large tent somewhere out in the country. I had no problem with going,
so after an early dinner, Bill and I headed out.


About bwinwnbwi

About me: Marvin Gaye’s song, "What’s Going On" was playing on the jukebox when I went up to the counter and bought another cup of coffee. When I got back, the painting on the wall next to where I was sitting jumped out at me, the same way it had done many times before. On it was written a diatribe on creativity. It was the quote at the bottom, though, that brought me back to this seat time after time. The quote had to do with infinity; it went something like this: Think of yourself as being in that place where infinity comes together in a point; where the infinite past and the infinite future meet, where you are at right now. The quote was attributed to Hermann Hesse, but I didn’t remember reading it in any of the books that I had read by him, so I went out and bought Hesse’s last novel, Magister Ludi. I haven’t found the quote yet, but I haven't tired of looking for it either.
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2 Responses to Some Very Friendly Christians

  1. eof737 says:

    Interesting… should be a fun read. I can’t believe you didn’t insist on getting the error corrected. .. but you wouldn’t have met Bill, right? 🙂

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