Tricky Dick Gets His Comeuppance

Talk to me Jesus Christ.
You have been brought here
Manacled, beaten by your own people.
Do you have the first idea why you deserve it?
Listen King of the Jews,
Where is your kingdom?
Look at me. Am I a Jew?
I have no kingdom in this world.
I’m through.
There may be a kingdom for me somewhere.
If you only knew.
Then you are a king?
It’s you that say I am.
I look for truth and find that I get damned.
But what is truth?
Is truth a changing law?
We both have truths.
Are mine the same as yours?

Friends And Lovers Back Together Again
June 25, ‘73

In rained a lot on the other side of the island, so I moved Carol Sue,
De, and Rodney over to the Nanakuli Beach Park. Nanakuli was about ten miles south from Keaau. Carol Sue still wanted to move back to Keaau, though. She had changed her mind about living in Hawaii, however. She was flying back to the mainland in a couple of weeks. I planned to leave the island myself on Aug. 5, baring no complications. CMU hadn’t come through with all the money I needed, but by the end of the summer I hoped to make up the difference.

Now that C.S. and her son had moved closer to Keaau, I got to spend more time with them. I enjoyed spending time with De, C.S.’s, girlfriend, too. Actually, the three of them were doing just fine living on their own. On my day off, the four of us went to the Crater Festival at Diamond Head. It was held in the center of the mountain’s long dormant volcanic crater. The festival format changed from last year. It went from a “rock festival” to a festival celebrating Hawaiian culture. We were one year too late to see the rock group Santana skydive into the crater from 7000 feet up. Bummer!

After the festival we went to see Jesus Christ Super Star—the movie. It’s a very human take on Jesus (some say controversial). It made me feel very Christian. I was beginning to feel different in another way also. I had given up on government, but listening to the nightly news radio broadcasts on the Watergate Hearings was making me think twice about that. Maybe Tricky Dick was going to get his comeuppance. What a shock! Maybe, just maybe, the democratic process– the checks and balances, the Constitution– would prevail. Maybe, all the people acting above the law would wake up to discover that “crime really didn’t pay.” Wow! Did I say that! Slap my mouth! It won’t happen again.


About bwinwnbwi

About me: Marvin Gaye’s song, "What’s Going On" was playing on the jukebox when I went up to the counter and bought another cup of coffee. When I got back, the painting on the wall next to where I was sitting jumped out at me, the same way it had done many times before. On it was written a diatribe on creativity. It was the quote at the bottom, though, that brought me back to this seat time after time. The quote had to do with infinity; it went something like this: Think of yourself as being in that place where infinity comes together in a point; where the infinite past and the infinite future meet, where you are at right now. The quote was attributed to Hermann Hesse, but I didn’t remember reading it in any of the books that I had read by him, so I went out and bought Hesse’s last novel, Magister Ludi. I haven’t found the quote yet, but I haven't tired of looking for it either.
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3 Responses to Tricky Dick Gets His Comeuppance

  1. Sigh…so well I remember that time period. I loved Superstar despite (or because of) my agnosticism.

    I hated Nixon with a passion and was extremely pleased that he was getting his back as a small payment for all of his abominations around the war and his pandering to the basest impulses of the US population… and yes, it seemed as if the Constitution actually still functioned (It’s last gasp as it turned out).

    Who knew that almost 40 years later…Nixon, at least in terms of his domestic policies, would turn out to be the most liberal President in my adult lifetime.

    • bwinwnbwi says:

      When my kids were growing up, come Christmas or sometimes Easter (especially if I missed Christmas), I would set the family down and we would watch the DVD, J.C. Superstar. The kids are grown now and I haven’t watched the movie in a couple years (maybe more), but, for me, it’s still the most powerful way to learn the gospel of Jesus Christ.

      “It seemed as if the Constitution actually still functioned (It’s last gasp as it turned out).”–I laughed so hard after I read the above that I actually felt the tears welling up in my eyes, but then when I settled down (and after reading your last two sentences), I realized your humor was not the cause of those tears. Thanks for the comment!

  2. eof737 says:

    Jesus Christ Super Star—the movie. That was an interesting movie and I remember thinking about the energy and drama and all the razzmatazz of that film. 🙂

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