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Structuralism Extracts Meaning From Phenomena

Conflicting Opinions Metaphorically speaking, it has been said that the structuralists have built incredible mansions for people to live in and, indeed, the mansions have been built and the lights are on, but, we might want to ask the question: … Continue reading

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Is Identity Somehow Intrinsic Within Reality Or Is It Man Made?

Thanks for this question Morpheus. In answering your question I am actually able to communicate some of the philosophy that took me years to develop. This question is especially meaningful to me. Identity/structure is intrinsic in nature and mind. I … Continue reading

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Our Beliefs About Realty Are Approximations

Animals were once, for all of us, teachers. They instructed us in ways of being and perceiving that extended our imaginations. We watched them make their way through the intricacies of their lives with wonder and with awe. Petrified Wood … Continue reading

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