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Missing Link In Mother Nature, b~b~bb Structure—The Back Story

  On my other blog (bwinwnbwi), I discovered an untitled post (see below). That post was part of the prospectus that I wrote to describe/justify my M.A. Thesis: Prejudice: Empirical Data Beckoning Toward A Theory Of Self, Ambivalence, And Tolerance. … Continue reading

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Found—Missing Link In Mother Nature—Structure/Affirmative Ideal/Divinity Loop

                      The subject of freedom is a major theme in my writing. Depending on its context, freedom means many things to many people. Operationally speaking, we first encounter freedom as … Continue reading

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Meditation On Divinity

Paradoxes like “how does oneness make room for otherness” are neutralized when existence, in general, and identity, in particular, are understood as a consequence of the logic of God not being God’s own non-being, i.e., the b~b~bb structure. The idea … Continue reading

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One God Many Religions

‘“In your nothingness I hope to find everything,” said Faust to Mephistopheles, and so it was; after the Mothers, Faust became free to follow his own instincts.” I owe so much to the teachings of Goethe’s Faust! In The Beginning … Continue reading

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Structure Time Logos

  A couple days ago (I think it was Valentines Day) I went to my blog to see if I had any visits. My history was blocked (maybe it was a Valentines Day thing), but on the history page I … Continue reading

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Science Divinity Connection

Science Divinity Connection, Worldview, Logic We must shift gears here and think of the universe not as something that consciousness defines, but, rather, as something that defines consciousness. The idea that consciousness pervades the universe is not new. The Greek … Continue reading

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God Physics Freedom Worldview Reverence Justice

        I’d like to say a few words concerning God, and then let a dialogue that I wrote a while back say the rest. The dialogue is something I had hoped would happen (no such luck) between … Continue reading

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